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Get the most out of your Tarot reading

You’ve decided to get a Tarot reading, perhaps for the first time. Wonderful! Your journey begins. Now, how can you best take advantage of this precious opportunity?

Here are some recommendations:

Seek out referrals from trusted friends and colleagues.

Have any of your friends, co-workers or family members had positive, useful experiences with Tarot or psychic counselors? Check in and get contact information for practitioners they have enjoyed and find valuable. As a counselor, I’m delighted whenever a former client or student sends a new client my way. It’s good energy all around.

Respect your reader as a professional.

Before setting up your appointment, request your reader’s payment policies and instructions. If you do not understand them or have concerns, discuss them with your reader before going any further. A reading is a caring service but also, for your reader, a legitimate business transaction worthy of your respect and responsibility.

If possible, schedule an in-person reading and, if you’re new to this or have not had a reading in a long while, request a long session.

My longest reading runs for 90 minutes, which is especially great for newcomers with a lot of questions. Folks who have had prior readings with me might come for a follow-up needing only an hour at best.* When face-to-face readings are not feasible, phone sessions work well, but there’s something very special about sitting down in the same room for a heart-to-heart with a client. Some readers and clients also feel comfortable with Skype or Google Hangout sessions.

[*As of September 1, I will offer only one-hour sessions.]

Schedule your session for a time when you can give it your full attention.

It’s best if you know you will not be jamming your session in between pressing appointments or errands. This time belongs to you. It’s sacred time. Respect it. Respect your counselor, too, and make every effort to arrive for your appointment on time. Ideally, and you should allow yourself some downtime afterwards to process the insights and feelings that will come up during your session.

For phone sessions, use a landline, if possible, from a quiet location.

A stable connection, good sound quality and a tranquil environment help you and your reader focus and keep the session hassle-free.

Record your session, if your reader does not.

If your reader does not offer to record your session as part of his or her service, make your own using recording apps on your smartphone or an inexpensive voice recorder. (For phone sessions, try Googling “How to record a phone call” for recommendations.) This saves you the trouble of taking notes and allows you to focus on what you’re hearing. I offer mp3 recordings provided to my clients as a link via a secure file download service.

Prepare a few questions or topics of strong interest.

General readings can bring up important matters, but it’s helpful to go into a reading with at least one area of focus and need. Your reader will be better able to zoom in on this point of interest and still share other significant and interesting details as they come up.

Don’t be afraid to ask your reader to help you shape your questions–or just talk out what’s on your mind.

You don’t have to be an expert on crafting precise questions for a Tarot reading. Tell your reader what you need, and your reader will figure it out or help you find fruitful ways to ask your questions. Express yourself. Don’t sit there like a stone, but don’t over-talk. Find a reasonable balance, and any skillful reader should be able to assist you.

Don’t hesitate to ask to look more closely at individual cards or, if you are confused, to ask for clarification.

In my readings, I make time for the client to look over the full layout, ask about or respond to individual cards and give feedback on what he or she has heard. This part of the process often brings up additional material to work on, and it’s a comfortable way for clients to participate in their readings and begin to process what they’re hearing from me.

Now, if you have any questions about the Tarot reading process, just ask me!

Eva Yaa Asantewaa
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