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Tarot Yoga: Part 1


The Fool’s physical and philosophical posture is completely open, flowing with energy, with wanting and eagerness, with acceptance. Standing, sitting or lying on their backs, Fools gently settle their spines into alignment, allowing energy to run an easeful course without obstruction or any worrisome diversion.
The Fool may choose to keep the physical eyes open or closed, but the inner eyes and ears remain open and extended, ready to catch a great expanse of useful information.
There is a clear pathway for energy across the Fool’s chest, and breathing is free, delicious and nourishing.
Mind and heart are free to dance and fly.
The Fool chooses the journey forward in any useful direction of space and time.
The Fool travels very light, travels by light and transforms shadows without fear or hesitation.
Sit with an image of The Fool from your favorite Tarot deck, or allow an image to easily enter your mind’s eye. Discover what your Fool has to teach you. Spend at least five minutes, then emerge from this contemplation and record your experience in your journal of writing and imagery.
(c)2015, Eva Yaa Asantewaa
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