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Tarot Yoga: Part 4

The Empress

The yoga of The Empress manifests in pleasure in all things and in the creativity that brings all things into being. She is most often depicted as the Goddess Mother and Sustainer of Nature.
Therefore, as you engage with The Empress, you affirm yourself as a part of a rich, colorful tapestry that extends in every direction and into every dimension. You are part--not the whole and not the center of this tapestry--but you are dearly loved and nurtured. Without you, the tapestry would be missing an important piece.
The Empress inspires curiosity about this family that we call the universe. She inspires empathy and the desire to communicate and exchange beyond the immediate self. She motivates us towards creativity in response to all we encounter. And she seeds love in all as a way to establish a strong, interactive web of connection that continues creation.
Find something new in your world or beyond to be curious about, to reach out to. Fall--and rise--in love.
(c)2015, Eva Yaa Asantewaa
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